Emergency Notification Hardware

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Hardware Integration Solutions by Regroup

Regroup has partnered with the leading providers of emergency notification hardware to bring you a full suite of solutions that integrate seamlessly with Regroup’s Mass Notification System. These partnerships enable you to send potentially life-saving alerts across your organization’s existing infrastructure and technology, including desktop computers, PA systems, VoIP phones, digital signage, mobile devices, fire panels, and more, without any additional integration costs or expenses.

Hardware for Emergency Notifications

Alertus Technologies offers a customizable array of emergency notification products that seamlessly integrate with the Regroup Mass Notification System

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Alert Beacon

A wall-mounted device that sounds and flashes to capture the attention of building occupants at a distance

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Panic Buttons

Alertus panic buttons provide immediate, easy, one-step emergency notice activation.

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High Power Speaker Arrays

Leverage text-to-speech technology with a high power speaker array (HPSA) to broadcast messages outdoors.

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Indoor Speakers

Extend Alert Beacon functionality with highly intelligible voice output of custom message text through advanced speakers for indoor notification.

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LED Marquee Signs

Alertus LED marquees offer a cost effective way to reach large indoor or outdoor public areas with emergency notifications or simply announcements.

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Alertus Desktop™

Grab the attention of your computer users immediately with a full screen (or optional partial screen) pop-up alert.

Code Blue is the industry pioneering manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, including iconic blue light Help Points that can be found at thousands of university, health care, airport and municipal locations around the world. With our partnership, Code Blue speakerphones and public address speakers can be activated through Regroup’s Mass Notification System to broadcast important messages wherever they’re installed.

Help Points

Broadcast messages from iconic Code Blue help points, found at thousands of locations worldwide.

Emergency Speakerphones

Perfect for indoor locations, these speakers allow you to relay messages to keep people safe during emergencies.

Public Address Speakers

Alert people from wall-mount devices designed specifically so your message will be clearly heard across large distances.

More Hardware Solutions

Regroup’s intuitive user interface, coupled with CyberData’s robust SIP endpoints, delivers a reliable and easy-to-use solution that keeps both on-site and remove workforces informed of general and critical events in their area. CyberData’s SIP Paging Server multicasts to devices on your LAN with visual and audio alerts through local infrastructure or cloud-based PBX.

Inova Solutions’ unique LED displays can be read from up to 150 feet away, and are powered by Ethernet technology with no AC outlets required. These features make the signs, including the award-winning Inova OnAlert®, a reliable and versatile solution for universities, healthcare campuses, large office buildings, and more.

Keywest Technology creates simple, powerful digital signage solutions for American offices, hospitals, hotels, and schools. Founded in 1998 with digital roots stretching back to 1979, Keywest Technology uses their extensive experience to foster a remarkable difference for your venue, designing and building digital sign systems from 5 inches up to 100 feet (or more).

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