Maintain Resilience and Safety

Regroup Mass Notification offers cost-effective solutions that help you overcome communication challenges on every construction site, keep workers safer, comply with industry regulations, and keep progress moving – saving you valuable time and resources on every project.

One Platform to Reach Everyone

There are so many moving parts on a construction site, and a constantly changing flow of labor, contractors, specialty teams, deliveries, and other material and service providers who all need to be kept informed. Combine the day-to-day communication needs with complex industry regulations for safety and weather-related working conditions, and it’s hard to imagine how construction professionals keep progress moving.

Regroup helps us communicate more efficiently within our project teams and trade partners. We use the system to communicate various types of announcements, reminders, and alerts, which range from stair closures to building entrance changes, meeting locations/times, and even severe weather alerts. It’s a great tool to quickly distribute important information throughout the entire project team.
C.J. ReedCPTM Manager, IT Training Programs, McCarthy Holdings, Inc.

The Regroup Difference

Regroup Mass Notification offers an intelligent, easy-to-use communication platform that’s reliable, affordable, and offers unparalleled features that construction managers and property owners can rely on.

Flexible Messaging, Unlimited Admins

With Regroup, you’ll never find yourself in a position where you cannot send notifications. We offer unlimited messaging options to meet your needs so you can always send your important messages. Every account also allows unlimited groups, admins, and templates.


Mobile Apps

Construction managers are always on the go. With our free AlertManager and AlertMe apps, they can send messages to single people or entire groups from anywhere, even when cell towers are down or reception in the area is poor.


Automatic Message Translation

Overcome language barriers and reach your recipients in their native language. Regroup supports over 64 language translations and will automatically translate every message for your recipients.


Comply with Weather-Related Regulations

Regroup offers automated alerts from NOAA and the National Weather System (NWS), so managers will know when extreme temperatures, lightning or storms will impact the job site.


Geo-Targeted Messages

When location matters, notify people in specific areas about current dangers or updates to keep progress moving at all times. Notify people using an address on file, or draw an area on a map to reach everyone in that location.


Account Setup

We make it easy to get new contacts into your Regroup system as new groups join or exit your projects. Use easy text-to-join codes to enable workers to subscribe to updates, or easily upload new contacts as needed through our platform.


Two-Way Communications

Recipients can respond quickly and easily from wherever they are to give you needed updates. Our TipSafe feature also enables them to send safety concerns directly to management.


Comprehensive Analytics

Easily confirm delivery of notifications to ensure your message has been received. You can also be alerted in real time, and have the ability to take alternative steps to reach recipients as needed.

Client Support

You’ll always have a knowledgeable support team by your side to help with onboarding, training, and sending alerts.

How Construction Companies Use Regroup:



  • Notify everyone on a site if a pipe has burst or a gas leak is detected
  • Alert everyone if lightning in the area requires a temporary site closure
  • Send all-clear notifications to resume work faster
  • Get advance warnings about approaching severe weather

Routine Notifications

  • Send reminders about safety walks, meetings, and more
  • Enable workers to anonymously report safety concerns or unsafe coworkers
  • Notify contractors and delivery drivers when an entrance changes
  • Send regular safety reminders and updates to all teams

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