Keep freight moving, reach drivers and teams and mitigate risks with one simple solution.

Regroup’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform delivers reliable notifications and two-way communications, wherever you are.

Notify drivers of available loads, alert stakeholders of delays or automatically alert entire teams of severe weather in a specific location with geo-targeted notifications.

Having a solid communication plan can help logistics companies improve profitability and mitigate risks during critical events. Regroup’s award-winning platform enables you to increase operational efficiency and maintain business continuity when traditional communications are down or saturated.

And, with exclusive features like Regroup’s QuickConference, it’s easy to connect with your entire team, no matter where they are, with a single tap.

Using Regroup to complement your operations can help your company better manage lanes, staff, drivers, shipments and more.

Critical Alerts

  • Notify staff and authorities of emergencies
  • Issue severe weather warnings
  • Active shooter or criminal activity alerts
  • Give critical updates
  • Enable staff and drivers to report their status
  • Alert staff of critical outages (IT, phone lines)

Day-to-Day Alerts

  • Broadcast available loads
  • Conference team members from anywhere
  • Issue reminders and invoices
  • Keep stakeholders informed of delays
  • Two-way conference to check load status
  • Send road closure notices

Unparalleled Solutions for Logistics

Easy to use – no learning curve

One-click messaging to multiple channels

Text, voice, email and social media messaging

Unlimited user groups

24/7 client support

Both opt-in and opt-out methods of registration

Send messages as easily as email

Automated weather alerts

One-way and two-way group communication

Send alerts from tablets, smartphones or computers

Receive messages via email, SMS, social media or RSS feeds

Highest security measure to keep data safe

Easy to use post-notification analytics

Interactive Voice Polling (IVP)


Regroup is the smart business solution for logistics companies on the move. Its ease of use and robust features make it a perfect complement to your communication strategy while allowing you to maximize operational efficiency and mitigate risks.

You can learn more about Regroup Mass Notification by contacting a representative here or schedule a personalized demo.

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