Save Lives and Mitigate Risks

As the most trusted name in mass notification, Regroup gives correctional facilities the vital tools they need for critical and non-critical communications.

regroup on laptop

One-Click Alerting to Multiple Devices and Channels
Regroup enables you to rapidly send multi-channel, multi-language critical alerts and operational communications with a single click or tap. Easily broadcast alerts to mobile devices, PA systems, digital/highway signage, alarm systems, social media and more. Regroup can trigger (and be triggered by) third-party systems for comprehensive critical alerting when seconds count.

The Industry Choice for Mass Notification
Trusting an industry leader in mass notification provides peace of mind and proven reliability between all media and devices. Regroup ensures that recipients receive all of your important messages and streamlines operations at your facility to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Unparalleled Features for Correctional Facilities

  • An encrypted mobile app with advanced push notification and geo-fencing technology
  • The ability to target staff by department, geographic location, role and more
  • Automated, multi-language critical alerts and operational communications
  • Text/SMS, email, voice and social media messaging
  • Unlimited user groups, admins, training and 24/7 live client support


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Download our guide to Regroup for Corrections today and see how Regroup Mass Notification can help you keep mobile workforces on point and safe while reducing the overall costs associated with your communication plan.

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